Cubase keeps shutting down

Hey, I had an issue with my extern harddisk which all my plugins were installed,so i was making a beat in Cubase and i was going to open an omnesphier plugin but the project closed itself and the harddisk was ejected, and when i wanted to connect it to the mac it wouldn’t find it, so i took it to the store i bought it from and they said there was no data on the harddisk and that it reseted itself and i lost my projects and all my VST programmes, i had to buy a new extern harddisk and install everything on the new one, but it’s working 10 times slower i can’t even duplicate a track cause everything crashes and the projects automatically shut themselves down, i want to know if any of you have experienced this before and if you guys have any tips for me?

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to check your system. Might be something is really wrong (trashing the whole HDD, then everything is slowed down…).

Could you share some of the crash dump files (located in Documents/Steinberg/crashdumps), please?