Cubase Kernelbase.dll CRASH

Hello, I’ve been having some weird bugs lately. Unusual crashes, I got black screens, major errors, it even stops my other apps on my PC, It was on win10, then I went to windows11, then I went back to Cubase Pro 12, same thing, it appears to come from SINEPlayer (atleast on the crash dump), I have 140 tracks of brass disabled, and when I enable them, it crashes automatically. It works out of my template though, if I add those brass on another empty project.

Crash dumps below.
Tried to reinstall Cubase 13, then tried Cubase 12, reinstalled win10 and 11, sfc scan, dism etc, tried to reinstall the SINE Player, tried reinstalling C++ redist.

Please, I cannot work atm, help ASAP.
(Uploading jpg of crash dump, too heavy for the site.)


Attach the source DMP file, please.

Hello Martin, as I said it was too heavy for the site so JPG picture above, or this swisstransfer if you want the files SwissTransfer - Envoi sécurisé et gratuit de gros fichiers

please help still does it.


The crash is in the Sine Player plug-in.

Please, get in contact with the plug-in vendor.