Cubase key command for track height?

Is there a command to get the one track I’ve been zoomed in vertically on back to a normal track height?

I’m tired of resizing with the mouse.

I know about pressing Z twice, but that changes everything else to be small. I also know that I can undo zoom, which I use from time to time… but I want something direct to changing the track height back to, like, just tall enough to see all the various track icons, like solo and mute, and edit, etc.


The best I’ve found out so far is to replace Z with a macro.

Zoom Tracks Exclusive
Zoom Out Vertically
Zoom Out Vertically

If you want to still keep the original command but just reset the track height, you can use the command

Zoom Tracks 2 Rows (or 1 or 3 or 4)

All commands are under Zoom category


Ay, that was extremely helpful.
I changed Z to a macro that zooms to the selection both horizontally and vertically… and then I made another macro to undo zoom - twice - which I can use to reset the Z macro easily (otherwise I would have to press my regular “undo zoom” keyboard shortcut twice.)

Thanks very much.

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I’ve just been using the default command: Control-E to zoom a single track height and back to original. The first time you use this command, it may appear that nothing happened, but that’s because you initially have to set your height preference manually. After that, it’s automatic.

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yea, I think it did nothing for me. I’ll check that track height thing. Is this the “zoom to event” command? on Mac I guess it’s Command + E.

Sorry, my mistake. I just verified that the correct default command for individual track height adjustment is ‘Option-E’ on the Mac. I don’t know what it is on a PC.

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