Cubase Key command to show you which configurations of key commands are free to assign

I know this is a really big ask but with all the combinations of key commands and ONLY the Qwerty commands in mind, i wonder with the introduction of AI whether it would be possible for Cubase’s Key command app to tell you what commands you have free to assign to functions .
Big ask i know but for someone like myself who gets in a right mess with working out which ive used this would be a complete total game changer

Just for fun, I instructed ChatGPT to extract all shortcuts from the keyCommands.xml of Cubase. It did a great job. By sorting the output, we can always know which shortcuts are free.


So if Chat Gpt can assist you on this then the chances are a built in Cubase app that only runs in the background when you give it the command to scan could potentially be possible ?
It would be a huge time saver.

:slight_smile: No AI is needed for this. It’s a matter of some code lines for Steinberg to give this info. In fact, in their new and very good key commands window, when you get to a command and invited to enter a shortcut in the text field on the right, they can implement an options text box instead, providing suggestions from the unassigned shortcuts. However, note that we as users always tend to select shortcuts in context, i.e. provide a shortcut which seems logical and easy to remember, so the current mechanism is solid.

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then it can assist you too!

I don’t use it and never will . Im asking for a feature request to aid recognising which of your key command combo’s are still available In House . I don’t code ,nor am i even in the slightest interested in coding but talk to me about Modular synthesis then you’ll be on the right track . And this is my point , just because your picking bones doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for someone else .