Cubase kills audio driver?


Cubase keeps killing off audio from my soundcard and the only way to restore audio is to reboot.

My soundscard´s mixerapplication keeps displaying audio activity but there is no sound.

Also, cubase works if I switch to my mainboard’s built-in audio device.

This appears to be happening when I close/start cubase (for instance, because I have added a new midi controller), but have occured in session as well.

It never happened with older version of cubase, and I do in fact run cubase 6.5 alongside so I know this for sure.
However, once it is killed -it’s killed for cubase 6.5 as well.

I am using a M-audio fast track ultra with the latest drivers on win/cubase 7 x64

Any ideas?

Same here,
Cubase 7.0.1, Mac OSX 10.8.2, M-Audio Fast track ultra, driver 2.2.2

Very irritating…

You can check the .ini files and set “steinberg power scheme” to OFF.
I have heard it can lock up the audio driver, but as everything on the internet it may not be true at all :S