Cubase - Kontakt 5 Player & Strummed Acoustic [SOLVED]

Thoughts / solutions please!

I’m running Cubase 9.5 / Kontakt 5 Player & Strummed Acoustic library on an Intel i5 with 16GB of RAM.

All my other NI libraries run with no problem within Kontakt but Strummed Acoustic seems very ‘sensitive’ to low memory and may not load or play.
A blank session will work ok but the nearest hint of another VST like Halion and it fails to co-operate.

I’ve tried all the tweaks but no joy

Any insights please?

Thank you



Increase your Audio Device Buffer Size or use Freeze function.

Tried those but no luck I’m afraid.

Why? What was the problem with it?

I think I just need more RAM :slight_smile:

You can check your memory usage in ‘Task manager’. If you’re close to the max you might be right but with only one instance of Halion 6 and Kontakt 5 I don’t think so? It rather looks like a performance issue of some kind.

I think the problem lies with the NI Strummed Guitar - seems very sensitive to memory issues …

Everything else is running as expected

Seems I was running at too low a tempo for the VST to trigger it’s pattern.
I was running at 58 bpm. It works at higher bpm :slight_smile: