Cubase L9 upgrade

I’ve just bought Cubase LE 9 upgrade from L8.
Now, I can’t find anymore on my account the L8 Installers but the L9 Installers are not visible.
I succeed to download the MAC Installer when I bougth but not the Windows one.
Is it possible to have a download link please ?

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There should be an installer of Cubase LE 9 for both Mac and PC in your MySteinberg account, once you register it.

Installers of the previous versions are not available in the MySteinberg.

Thanks for your reply.
But I registered and activated my product (My LE 9 license is active on one on my eLicenser), installed on my MAC.
But I’d like to install it on my PC.
There is nothing (except my Cubase Pro 8.5 download) on my account.

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Can you see Cubase LE 9 in your MySteinberg account under MyProducts?


No not under 'download".
But I can see Cubase L9 registered on my usb -elicenser…

Steinberg remove the Cubase LE 8 download but forget to replace it by the Cubase LE 9 download…

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Is your USB-eLicenser registered?

You can download Cubase LE 9 Mac installer here, and Cubase LE 9 Windows installer here.

Yes of course.
Thanks , I’ll try to dowload at home tonight.

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