Cubase Lag/Sluggish Graphics 11.0.41 macOS Big Sur 11.6.1

Issue Summary:

There’s lag and sluggish graphics when playing back a project with open Steinberg VST Instruments such as Halion and Groove Agent.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Playback a Cubase project where there are visible meters and an open editor window with scrolling.
  2. Open a Cubase VST instrument such as Halion or Groove Agent that also has moving graphical elements.

Observed Behavior:

You will notice that the graphical response begins to lag and become sluggish. Meters lag and the playback cursor line gets choppy.

Expected Behavior:

Smooth graphics regardless of what VST windows are open.

Video Demo:

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I have been having a sluggish UI and other issues since I updated to 11.0.41 from the previous version. I also updated Big Sur to 11.6.1 from the previous version around the same time. I am also getting playback stuttering in projects that prior to 11.0.41 playback perfectly, in fact I had no issues with Cubase 11 before updating to 11.0.41 from the previous version (11.0.40?)

I wonder if I should try reinstalling Cubase?

I’m using a 2018 Mac mini i7 16GB ram. MOTU 624/8D Audio Interface.

I have noticed this same exact behavior long before the latest versions of Cubase or macOS Big Sur. I am just now reporting it because I’d expected it to all be ironed out by now. I suspect most people don’t even notice, but my background is as a former macOS performance engineer, so I am VERY picky about the subtle things. I would like to see Cubase reach a point where there is no lag or redraw issues at all, regardless of what plug-in windows are open during playback. Meters and playheads should not stutter and be jerky. Just my humble opinion.

My UI issues have definitely only started since I updated. to 11.0.41, I noticed it when comping, previously when dragging the cut between sections of audio it was instant, now I drag, nothing happens, I get the beachball and then the cut moves.

I guess I’ll try reinstalling with 11.0.40 and see if the projects load OK and if it’s any better.

All very frustrating and time wasting.

If you see an improvement with 11.0.40 I would love to know! As I’ve said, I have noticed the UI lag across many Cubase and macOS versions.

As I expect you guessed, I reinstalled 11.0.40 and there was no difference! I removed 11.0.40 and installed 11.0.41 - no difference.

Looking back at dates I was working my current projects, all I know is about ten days ago, I was doing a lot of recording, multiple bass guitar takes over a looped section playing back perfectly time after time, I was on Cubase 11.0.40 Big Sur 11.6. Since then I updated to Cubase 11.0.41 and then Big Sur 11.6.1.

Now if I try and playback that same section, it starts stuttering after a couple of loops. The only way I can get it to playback with out stuttering is to increase buffer size to 256 or more, where as before I could use 64 or 128, of course this does not have anything to do with the sluggish UI.

Not sure what to try next.