cubase latency compensation does not work for me

unfortunately i found out that the cubase latency compensation simply does not work with my
infrasonic quartet pci card.

when i record external audio from an instrument, the recorded audio gets shifted by
a little bit more than the buffer latency. even if “Adjust for Record Latency” is activated.
the higher the latency, the higher the delay.

i did a test with a loopback cable from the output to the input of the card on two
completely different systems (Win XP SP3 / Win 7, both fresh installed with latest chipset drivers),
still same result. tried quartet drivers 1.14 - 1.23.07. since 1.20.03 the delay gets even bigger!

for better illustration i’ve made a screenshot from cubase and my system specifications.

cubase screenshot:
system specs screenshot:

i’m asuming that it’s not a cubase issue, because my old marian marc card works here as expected. the issue
is also not version dependent, i got the same results with cubase sx3, cubase 5 and cubase 6.

i feel very sad about that because the quartet card works, apart from that, rock solid :frowning:
if you have any idea, please help!