Cubase LE & HP 450 G8 Laptop unfriendly

Hi Everyone

New first time poster here & I’m trying to load my Cubase LE into my new HP Probook 450 G Laptop with Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19042
It will partly open the program & then close down & this is happening repeatedly.
I load this program into the laptop from a CD which I received with a Presonus A /I many years ago. 2004.

I can load this Cubase LE into my HP 470 Probook G4 laptop running Windows 10 20 H2 & run it with no problems at all.

I’ve been trying many things all day with no success. Having searched online for an answer, I decided to join this forum & hopefully someone may have a solution.
Your answers would be very much appreciated.



I would think that Cubase LE 1 would have been compiled many, many years before Windows 10 exsisted. Try installing it in compatibilty mode for something like Windows XP (or earlier) instead:

Thanks for replying.
As I posted I received this program in 2004 with an A/I so it is very old. It originally ran on Windows XP
I have followed your advice & read up & acted on this but to no avail so far.
Everything that I have tried has not made any difference.

The thing that I don’t understand is that this program works ok in my other HP laptop running Windows 10, but not in my new HP laptop running Windows 10.



Did you try various Service Pack versions of XP when using the compatibility install? Do you remember how you installed it on your last machine? Was the laptop previously running Windows 7 and then you updated it to 10? Windows 10 has been through several updates lately too so something could have changed there in between your two computers. I don’t know for sure but you are trying to run a very old program so if it worked previously it was a bit of a miracle. There are people here reporting having problems installing LE5 on Win10.

I had my 1st. covid jab yesterday & I’m not feeling too well today .
So I’ll get back to you when I’m feeling better.


No worries— stay safe and well! Getting my first jab soon.

Recovered from 1st. Jab. All good.

  1. Original install from disk into laptop (A) running Windows XP. C/Le 1 ran good.
  2. Next install from disk into PC running Windows 7. C/Le 1 runs good.
  3. Next install from disk into laptop (B) running Windows 10. Ver.
    20H2. C/Le 1 running good.
  4. Latest install from disk into laptop (C) running Windows 10. ver.
    10.0.19042. C/Le 1. Will partially set up then shut down.

I tried both versions (1 & 2) of Windows XP in compatibility mode.
Neither of them will work.
I keep getting the message that C/Le 1. is incompatible with both Laptop ( B & C) even though it is running on Laptop (B).