[Cubase LE 10] - Can't reactivate after new Windows 10

I have my “Dowload Access Code” and everything. I used to use the program without any problem before installing new clean Windows 10 Pro. But now, I can’t activate my product with the same serial code that my account gives me.

Hi and welcome,

Use the Download Access Code in your MySteinberg account to get an Activation Code. Then activate the license in the eLCC application by using the Activation Code.

If this happened already, try to right-click to the eLCC application and start it as administrator. RUn Maintenance in the eLCC. DOes it help?

Unfortunately, this does not help me. It gives me the same error.

PS:I erased all my drives. Is this why can’t found anything to reactivate?

Follow these instructions for reactivation. Hopefully your software was registered in your MySteinberg account.


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*sigh… I’m done.

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