Cubase LE 10 - no audio being recorded, but sound on playback in a test file

Hi all,

I know this must’ve been posted a million times but please help!

I am running a Technics SX-P50 keyboard into a Native Instruments Komplete 6 external interface, into a brand new Lenovo I7 core laptop. So far so good. The P50 has no onboard sound and has 2x mono outputs which are routed to Input 3&4 (stereo pair) of the NI interface. This setup worked at the first time of asking with an old Toshiba I3 laptop (before the display cable burnt out), but I am having now issues recording new audio.

See attachment 1. When record is enabled or disabled, playback is through the laptop speakers as expected. When the yellow monitor button is also enabled, no playback is heard and there is additional ‘noise’ on the connection, as much as -15 dB.

I’ve checked all tutorials, and settings - see attachment 2. Using the generic driver (the Asio4all driver previously mentioned tripled the latency time to 60ms, so uninstalled it) and there is only a single bus in and out, so I don’t understand what else would cause this. Help is appreciated!

Thats exactly as it should be, and the noise is probably because you are monitoring the laptop´s microphone array.
Start by selecting the correct driver for your interface.