"Cubase LE 10 Update Offer"

Sorry, don’t speak English well.

For years, I used expensive software and hardware from Native Instruments and Universal Audio in my studio work . Troubles did happen, but not a single dollar was lost. Now I need to change the DAW and I started to look in the direction of Cubase. But how can I spend $500 in the Steinberg Shop, if problems that Steinberg Support cannot solve start at $10?

I had the new activated LE 9.5 in my account. Then I purchased an update “Cubase LE 10 Update Offer” from the Steinberg Shop. After installing it, LE 9.5 changed to LE 10 in the MySteinberg and the reactivation button disappeared. As a result, after reinstalling Windows and attempting to reactivate licenses, I lost both LE 9.5 and LE 10. Old Download Access Codes or Activation Codes doesn’t work. Then I register another new LE 9.5. Of course, my update to LE 10 doesn’t work. Two days ago I wrote to Steinberg Support - still waiting.

I do not know any special secrets of activation? Thanks.

The best you can do is to follow this guide for reactivation. Good luck.


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Thanks for the advice. But I completely read this guide and reread it again. The problem is that LE 9.5 and LE 10 disappeared from MySteinberg during the re-activation process. And now re-activation is not possible, because they are just missing in my account.

A thought…
Are you sure you are logging into the correct account? Maybe you have another with a different email.

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Yes, I logged into the correct account. I have only one Steinberg account, and it has several other small licenses that have been successfully reactivated. It seems that the “update to LE 10” makes it impossible to reactivate. The licenses disappeared as if I had transferred them to Usb-eLicenser. But I do not have Usb-eLicenser.

Problem solved. I don’t know who helped me, but now my account has a new activation code. Now I’m a new Cubase user, thanks.