Cubase LE 10+Zoom U-22 - How Do I set Up 24bit 96Khz

I trying to set up 24 bit 96Khz recording in Cubase LE 10 which came free with my Zoom U-22 usb interface.
So I go to:
Menu>Studio>Studio SETUP>Control Panel which opens the u-22 control panel.
From here I should be able to select any frequency from 44.1Khz up to 96Khz BUT I always get the error message:
“Sound device is in use. You must close any application using this sound device before changing this setting”
I have no other application using the U-22
So, how do I get Cubase to always be set up to always record at 24bit 96Khz?
Help and advice is much appreciated,

Open the zoom panel before opening Cubase and change from there. Then setup Cubase defaults to match.

Hi mkok,

Thanks for replying. Do you own a Zoom U-22? My one only came with the driver, and no other software is available from Zoom to configure the interface. So if you are talking about Windows Control Panel the no, I cannot change sampling frequency from there as 24bit 96Khz is not offered by Windows. The Zoom Panel in Cubase, as mentioned before, whilst it does offer 96khz, will not change as Cubase claims another application is using the device.
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I should mention also that the Cubase Project settings, again while offering 24bit 96khz, wont change to that desired setting.


I have a zoom L-20 and it has its own panel which can be found in the control panel. This can be opened without opening Cubase

I have zoom U-22 and Cubase 11 LE. and I also tried to change sampling rate, but it failed with same message thet “Sound device is in use. You must close any application using this sound device before changing this setting”

today I solved that error
this is how I did,

  1. turn on Cubase and open control panel of Zoom U-22
  2. and turn off Cubase only
    do not turn off Zoom U-22 control panel, only cubase
  3. change sampling rate and turn it off
  4. open Cubase and check that

I’m so sorry for my poor english,
I’m rewriting my native language description here, so try the translator it

  1. Cubase를 켜고 Zoom U-22의 컨트롤 패널을 엽니다.
  2. Zoom U-22의 컨트롤 패널은 그대로 두고 Cubase만 끕니다.
    Zoom U-22의 컨트롤 패널은 두고 분명 끌 수 있습니다. Cubase의 디바이스 설정 혹은 스튜디오 설정을 먼저 끄고, Cubase의 X를 눌러 끄면 됩니다.
  3. Zoom U-22의 컨트롤 패널에서 샘플링레이트를 바꿉니다. Cubase가 꺼져 있다면 분명 변경 가능할겁니다. 변경 되면 컨트롤 패널을 끕니다.
  4. Cubase를 다시 켜서 Zoom U-22의 샘플링레이트가 잘 변경되었는지 확인합니다.

You could just open the control panel before opening Cubase to do this.