Cubase LE 11 activation question

I recently changed to a new computer and was trying to install my Steinberg software. To my surprise, once I opened the download manager, this showed up:

I’m a bit curious if I did receive an upgrade to LE 11 from 10.5 (and from WaveLab LE 9.5) mostly because I haven’t received activation keys for either like I did for 10.5 and 9.5. Are they already registered if I restore the eLicenser registed on my account?


You can see your license in your MyStienberg, or once you activate them on the eLCC.

Activating to the eLCC requires a license, which I haven’t received for either product, yet they show in “My Products” on the Download Assistant. In My Products, I only have a generic “Cubase LE” key on a eLicenser I sent to the cloud and a WaveLab 9.5 License which is also part of the same eLicenser.


Could you please name it precisely? The code has an exact name. Is it the Download Access Code, or the Activation Code, please?

I haven’t received activation codes for neither product, yet they show in the download assistant as if I used access codes. What I want to know is if this is a bug or Steinberg has given me a free upgrade to the next LE versions of both like they did for the “.5” versions.


Download Access Code is something different than Activation Code. You enter Download Access Code to get the Activation Code. You can find your Activation Code in your MySteinberg account. Then you Enter the Activation Code in the eLCC application to activate the license. Then you are ready to go.

I think what I should’ve asked since the beginning instead of this whole effort is:

Has Steinberg given me an upgrade to Cubase LE 11 and WaveLab LE 10? If so, why haven’t I received any codes for it yet? By code, assume whatever is semantically correct for the application in question, whether it be a download access code, activation code, license code or discount coupon at the coffee shop near me.


Steinberg always offers the latest version for Cubase Elements, Artist, Pro and WaveLab Elements and Pro.

With the LE version, it depends on the vendor is the hardware, what kind of LE license exactly he has. So I don’t know it, if this the case for you or not.

As I said already, once you use the Download Access Code, you can find your Activation Code in your MySteinberg account. Use it to activate your license in the eLCC application. Then you know for sure, if you are allowed to download Cubase LE11 or not.

Just follow the instructions step by step. Don’t jump over. You will get to the end successfully.

If you don’t know, could a have a response from someone which does?


You can find out by yourself, just following the steps.

And of course, I don’t block anyone to contribute. I’m always happy to learn something new.

  • Steinberg’s Download Assistant shows me I have those two products available for download as if I had entered access codes for them.
  • I haven’t entered codes for them to show up there.
  • Activation of either product requires a code.
  • Steinberg hasn’t sent me an activation code.

I wouldn’t be wasting my time here if I could find the solution by myself, especially given the responses of someone which clearly is not reading my messages nor paying attention to what’s being said, either accidentally or on purpose, given Steinberg’s track record of blaming the end user for mistakes they make. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s passed on to support as well.


You would need to do the steps to be able to start (any) Cubase anyway. There is no reason to don’t do them.

But it’s up to you.

I did it and the LE 10.5 license on the eLicenser I had works for LE 11. Not so much for the WaveLab one, but I presume I should post on the WaveLab forum for that, I guess.

I may be misunderstanding (sorry only read so many comments after the original post) but, if I’m understanding correctly…
DL manager does NOT just show you the software you own. It shows you everything that is available for download. Whether or not you can actually have any of it depends on whether or not you own/buy a license for it.
If your only license is for 9.5, ignore everything else.
If you purchase a discounted upgrade license you lose the 9.5 license and can only use the one you upgraded to [which is why I ran the Nuendo 11 trial before upgrading from Nuendo 10 to 11, just in case there was something I didn’t like in the newer version].

Sure, but the software under “My Products” only shows there when you type a download access code, otherwise it would show up in the Cubase category along with the other versions.


Could you try to trigger the Maintenance on the eLCC, please? In some cases the updated license appears after the Maintenance.

This is something I mentioned in my post in the WaveLab forums. I suspect the change wouldn’t be apparent on the Cubase LE license because there’s no version number attached to it.

Same to me here. I’ve got a Cubase LE 10 license. Under “My products” a license for Cubase LE 11 appeared some days (months?) ago. Don’t know where it comes from.


Thanks to generous Steinberg, lucky you! :slight_smile:

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