Cubase LE 11 free upgrade/update problems

I recently got the email to upgrade to Cubase 11 LE so I downloaded it. I then opened the program up and put in the activation code that shows on “My Products” page but thats as far as I can get and cant seem to get it activated. I get to the elicensers pop up type in box and it says “no license to upgrade selectable” for the elicensers… Any suggestions on how to fix this ? Thanks.

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Did you get an Activation Code or a Download Access Code from Steinberg?

If you got Activation Code, start eLCC application and click to Enter Activation Code.

If you got Download Access Code, login to your MySteinberg account and enter the code here, to generate the Activation Code. Then enter the Activation Code in the eLCC.

I used the Download Access Code to download Cubase 11 LE. After I downloaded it I opened up the program and then when the elicensers window pops up i type in the Activation Code under “my Products” page when I click on the Cubase LE Update… I get stuck from there as another elicensers window pops up with “no license to upgrade selectable” and its a dead end for me…


What can you see in the eLCC application?

The only thing that shows up under the My License portion is my old WAVELAB ESSENTIAL 6 that is red and says its expired so I cant use it. Below that there is a “soft e-licenser” portion and has the same thing - WAVELAB ESSENTIAL 6 that is red and expired. Cubase 11 LE doesnt show up anywhere and all I get is a dead end


Click to the Enter Activation Code button in the eLCC application and enter the Activation Code. Then click to Download license, please.

I have done all that but it doesnt work. I emailed steinberg and what they are telling me to do doesnt work either. Lets see if it works out this week…


Could you attach a screenshot of the eLCC, please? Make sure, the Soft-eLicanser Number is blurred, please.

I’m experiencing same issue. My eLCC shows cubase elements 10.5 as being activated on this computer. I received an e-mail about free upgrade to cubase LE 11. Through download center I entered download access code and downloaded/installed all files. When I open elcc cubase LE 11 doesn’t show up and when I enter activation code for cubase LE 11 in ELCC I also get “no upgradeable license available” with red circle and line over the cubase elements 10.5 license.

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There is no free upgrade from Cubase Elements 10.5 to Cubase LE 11. Cubase Elements is higher edition in comparison to Cubase LE. So your offer was probably for your (older) Cubase LE version, you own and have registered.