Cubase LE 11 No sound input

I have Cubase LE 10.5 on my Mac Retina, where I can record audio into, but the DAW seems sluggish and then I have Cubase LE 11, where the DAW runs smooth but cannot record audio into. Unless someone helps me with Cubase LE 11, so I can record my hardware synths, I doubt I would ever buy the full version. Thanks - Brian Vassallo

Did you granted the right to use the microphone to Cubase 11?

thanks for dropping by, I will install again Cubase 11 LE and will check that out. Although with 10.5 I did not have to check that. But, will try it out for the last time. Will let you know :slight_smile: Cheers Brian

You might have allowed the access to the microphone if the software prompted you earlier to do so. The access to the microphone (or line inputs) should look like this:

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Just finished checking the Privacy settings on my Mac, and I have added Cubase LE 11 in the windows for the mic, although I am recording in my Duet ultimatley. Have recorded successfully now:-) Thank you as well, much happier now :slight_smile. Last thing just in case, in my Privacy window on the left I have what is called ‘Input Monitoring’ I have added Cubase LE as well to access it. Is it also something I have to do, or for the mic is enough. Cheers - Brian Vassallo

Thanks for hinting that out, in fact you where right, I have now added Cubase LE 11 to the Mic (listed on the left panel on my Mac in Privacy) Thank you so much - Brian