I am trying to update my LE4 to the latest version
I have downloaded the hotfix file but have no idea what I am now supposed to do with it.
It is an .msp file which my Windows XP Pro laptop does not know how to run.
The previous update was supplied as an .exe file which could be run directly from explorer.
Is this latest update meant to be installed from within Cubase itself?
I know that .msi files can be installed directly like .exe and .com files but .msp files I have not heard of before.
Can anyone help?
I realise that this is probably a rather basic query and I should know how to get the update installed but I am at a loss to know where to look for help, the update page on the Steinberg site does not give any installation instructions.
Don Stewart.

Have you got windows installer 3?

.msp is a windows installer patch and you probably need windows undated with windows installer 3

I apparently already have the Windows Installer 3.1 patch file installed as per the Microsoft link in your message but I cannot find a program anywhere called ‘Windows Installer’.
What is the installer program actually called?
I tried running the .msp file using msiexec.exe which is shown as a windows installation program but it just came up with a box describing the possible command line options.
I have never heard of having this much of a problem performing an upgrade, why can’t Steinberg just supply it as an .exe file like the last one or an msi file?

Windows installer is built in. If you had the right version the .msp would run. Did you re-start after update?

Unfortunately I have another application which uses .msp as a valid extension and has become the registered association for this extension.
Therefore I need to know what the installer program is called so that I can run the Steinberg .msp with the installer instead of the other application.
The other application is installed on all my computers so I can’t check what the default setting for .msp is.
If you could just tell me the actual installer program name I’m sure I could get it to work.
I have had a look on the net and there is mention of programs called update.exe and hotfix.exe but I don’t seem to have either of these on my computer.
What is supposed to be the benefit of using .msp instead of .msi or .exe for updates?

What don’t you understand about Windows Installer being Built-in? :confused:

Right-click on the file, Open With and choose Windows Installer. Pretty basic considering you say “all my other computers”.

Thank you for reply and your suggested course of action is the second thing I tried after just running the file directly.
Unfortunately ‘Windows Installer’ does not come up as a possible program to run this file under.
I searched the windows system to find an installer program and the third thing I tried which I mentioned in my second message was to try to run the file via msiexec.exe, which as far as I can tell is the windows installer program.
This just brought up the box telling all about command line options for msiexec.
Windows properties says that msiexec is the windows installer version 3.1.5 etc but linking it to the .msp file does not work.
I have even tried running msiexec in a ‘run’ prompt box with what appear to be the correct options and link to the .msp file but it still does not run.
I have been using computers for 20 plus years , right from the earliest days and have written a number of programs myself.
I do know how these type of files and programs are supposed to work, but this is the first time I have ever come across an .msp file extension and it does not seem to do what it should.
Any sensible non sarcastic help would be appreciated.

Oh, one of those eh? My experience is your type seem to know the least. :laughing:

I Googled and came up with all kinds of info, but since you want the answer from someone else I’ll let someone provide it. :wink:

Thanks a lot.
Yes I googled it and I’ve been on the Microsoft site to try to find how to install .msp files and found all kinds of conflicting and complicated install procedures for different programs.
Since .msp files only work as patches for programs initially installed using windows installer, in other words .msi install files, and these have to be referenced by msiexec as well as the .msp patch file to work properly.
I don’t think the version of Cubase i’m using was installed using windows installer so the .msp patch file is never going to work even if I could find the correct syntax for the command line.
Yes, I know it can’t be this complicated or no-one would be able to use the .msp patch file, but since my laptop has lost the link between .msp files and the windows installer it seems this would be the only way to patch the program.
I don’t think I’ll bother, the changes listed in the upgrade are not work the effort.
If Steinberg ever release a wider ranging upgrade as an .exe or .msi file then I’ll install that instead.
Thanks for all your help.

Ask yourself this; If it were such a big issue, experienced by many, why is the forum not full of like posts? :wink:

Have you tried the Command Window?

I did say in my last post that I know it can’t be this difficult.
I have now upgraded to Windows Installer Package 4.5 and it has repaired the association between files with the .msp extension and the Windows Installer Package.
So when I double click the .msp file it tries to run the installer automatically.
However it still just brings up the same window listing all the possible command line options for the installer.
It still doesn’t actually install the patch.
I have even tried copying the patch file into the same directory as the Cubase.exe file but with still no success.
It is almost certainly just a problem with the system on my laptop, it has got a bit erratic just recently, there are probably some clashes between the setup programs for all the applications I have installed on it.
I am going to give up for the time being, I may have another crack at this problem in a few days time.
Thanks again to everyone for trying to help.

Did you try the fix above?

The fix you gave the link to just gives details of another way to relink the.msp extension to the windows installer package.
It also explains the main reason why the link gets broken in the first place, which is because Microsoft have used a three letter extension which they already used many years ago for Microsoft Paint files.
As I described in my last post I have relinked the .msp extension by installing the latest version of the Windows Installer Package (4.5 is the last one to work with XP).

In answer to some earlier suggestions and questions;
The update suggested by split would not install because I have XP SP3 and the update he suggested was for SP2.
Windows Installer 3.1 is built in with XP SP3, prior to that you had to install it as an update.
I had the right version of installer all along but as I explained in some detail even when linked to directly it will not install this .msp file on my computer.
I have tried a command window, I mentioned this in my third and fourth posts, I tried various combinations of the options listed in the msiexec (windows installer) help file without success.

I am not saying this is a big issue, and it seems only a few people have had this problem with .msp files, all I am trying to do is find out why it doesn’t work on my laptop and find a way round it.


I just installed LE4, updated to 4.1.2 and then installed the patch with no issues. You did install the 4.1.2 update, right?

Yes I am currently running Version 4.1.2 Build 851.
The .exe update for this version installed without any problems.

Does the update file have to be in a particular directory when it’s run?