Cubase LE 4 and Tascam us 144

I’ve ben recording with this set up for a while without much issue. Recently however, Cubase will only playback recorded audio when the device is set up with the ASIO duplex (my internal computer speakers) and not when the device set up is my Tascam (my monitors). Not only is there no sound but there are absolutely no levels whatsoever when I playback recorded audio and the device is set up through the tascam? I know the audio is recording fine, as I can play it through my computer speakers, I also know the tascam works as it plays external websites such as Pandora. Please help!

This might not be much help ! I have just started using LE4 and I am having all kinds of problems. The audio drops out at randon approx every 10 minutes. If I unplug the USB plug and re-insert it this usually solves the problem (at least for a further 10 minutes or so).

Now, today, on a new project, when I ask for a new Mono track I get Stereo. However, for an existing project, if I ask for Mono I get Mono.

Also with a guitar plugged in directly (via a Tascam US-144) and also a mic (via the Stereo inputs, as I cannot get Mono), I can hear the audio clearly through my headphones plugged into the US-144. However, there is no audio getting into Cubase - the mixer sliders show no audio.

I am VERY frustrated.

BrianJH :question: