Cubase LE 4 Assistance

Hi friends. I am using Cubase LE 4 with a Lenovo desktop running Windows 7. My sound device is a Lexicon Omega. When I first installed Cubase LE 4 and the Lexicon drivers, things worked okay for a while. Then I started having multiple issues (e.g. having to reset the device driver every time I started Cubase, having difficulty recording, problems with playback, etc.). Right now, I cannot do anything since I can’t hear the audio playback with the Omega earphones.

Is anyone out there using Cubase LE 4 successfully with an Omega and Windows 7? If so, tell me what you’ve done to set the program up. BTW, I totally reinstalled the software three times and each time it worked for a while then failed. I also tried it on my laptop (running Windows Vista) with the same results. Any ideas?

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On the right side of the Lexicon Page it has Cubase Le4 Activation
also below it they have an Omega Setup Guide.

Hope this helps.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Also here’s a Youtube video with the
Omega and this is Cubase Le1

Hey Jack,
Thanks for the response. I have gone through the setup for Cubase LE4 and the Omega but still have no sound. I’m going to go back through the forum again to see if I’ve overlooked another response that might help me start again with this program.

Thanks again for your help.