Cubase LE 4 >>> Elements 6 trial

Good day forum fam. I currently have Cubase LE4 and wanted to try the free Elements 6, 30 trial. If I download Elements 6, will I still be able to use my LE 4 that would be on the same computer? Will there be any conflict? Also how big (MB/GB) is Elements 6? Thanks in advance!

DJ Y-Not: I have Cubase Le4 and Cubase 6 on my computer. I would say yes.
Maybe someone else can confirm the Elements 6 part.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve had LE1, LE4, SX3, and C4 all running on the same partition with no issues. The download should tell how large the file is.

Thanks for the info…I downloaded CE6 and have no problems as well!!!