Cubase LE 4 HELP! (panning, computer system)

So, I have a project I recorded, and everything is panned the way I wanted. For example, Rhythm guitar L is panned far left and Rhythm guitar R is panned for right. Plus, my drum tracks is panned multiple areas. Then, when I export my project and play it back from my iTunes through my computer speakers, everything is sound centered. Then, I played my previous song from my youtube channel, everything is sound centered, then, when I play the same video/song on my laptop, it sounds like what I hear in my Cubase. Is it the sound card or what on my Windows 7???


Nevermind…It wasn’t the sound card at all. For some reason, my speaker plug was plugged half way in/out.
Probably from when my dog was sniffing around underneath my desk and end up
pulling the speaker plug. lol :slight_smile: