Cubase LE 5 Activation Code

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Recently I purchased (somewhat old) product - Lexicon Alpha. The package included Cubase LE5 installation disk, also bunch of documents. The Cubase LE5 installation disk has serial number on it (it stated “Cubase Serial Number” not Access Code). But I can’t find any AC on any of documents.
The docs are:

  1. Lexicon related docs (Registration Card, Owner’s Manual, etc)
  2. a flier “About Cubase LE5”.
    Can someone help me - where to find Activation Code for the software I obtain? What should I do with the Serial Number on the Cubase installation disk?

Also I tried to run eLicenser and it shows me Cubase LE5 installed, but with 2017-08-18 as an expiration day (I guess trial?). I tried to activate my Cubase LE5: 1) Created MySteinberg account 2)Copied SofteLisenser serial number, 2) posted to the activation bar. It got my eLicenser successfully registered, and it showed “Activation Code for Cubase LE 5”, but I need to put this into eLicenser and eLicenser requested “appropriate USB eLisenser” connected to my computer (what I obviously do not have). Did I do something wrong here? What should I do next?



Try to follow this article, please.


Your link refers not to an article, but it is rather link to the regular activation procedure. I tried this procedure first thing when I wanted to register Cubase. Again - it requires Activation Code and the Activation Code is the subject of my post. Any idea how to get the Activation Code? BTW I purchased Lexicon hardware in a shop and there was Cubase LE5 installation disk with Serial Number on it - so I bought 100% legal software.



There was step-by-step process on the Steinberg web page. I cannot find it now. So I will try to retranslate it back here (just in points):

  • Install Cubase and eLicenser Control Center.
  • Start Service Center and click to “Activate Permanent License”.
  • Your web browser opens with 3 necessary steps (probably the one, I linked to).
  • Click “Start now”.
  • If you don’t have a MySteinberg account, create a new one. If you have one, login.
  • Next page, click to “Register eLicesner/software & Enter Download Acces Code”
  • Insert your Soft-eLicenser number, you can find in the eLCC application. In the eLCC applicatino click to “Edit > Copy Soft eLicenser Serialnumber”. If you have newer eLCC application version, it is “Register > Copy Soft eLicenser Serialnumber”
  • Go back to your web browser, and insert the eLCC number to the field under the “Register eLicesner/software & Enter Download Access Code”.
  • Click “Continue”.
    – If this is a new registration, it’s possible, you have to send the eLCC information to the server first.
    – Go back to the eLCC and use “Support > Send eLicenser Information”. In the next window, click to “Send Information”.
    – Once the transfer is done, click “Close”.
    – Go back to your web browser.
  • Click “I’m done”.
  • You will be forwarded to other web page. Click “Register eLicenser / software”.
  • Insert the eLCC Number again (Ctrl+V), and click “Continue”.
  • Now, you will get the Activation Code for your Cubase LE.
  • Copy the Activation Code.
  • In the eLCC application click to “Enter Activation Code”, and paste the code.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Once the license is downloaded to your soft-eLicenser, click “Close”.
  • Now, you have Cubase LE license in your Soft-eLicenser and you can start Cubase.

I hope this works for you.

Did it not allow you to pick your Soft-eLicenser?

@ Martin.Jirsak
you wrote: " Start Service Center and click to “Activate Permanent License”" → 1) There is no “Service Center” after installation, assume you are talking about “eLicenser Control Center”. 2) There is no “Activate Permanent License” in the Control Center, assuming you are talking about “Enter Activation Code”. This option does not link to any web-page, but it opens dialog window. This dialog window asks for the Activation Code… So I am stuck at this step. Sad.

@ Romantique Tp
you wrote: “Did it not allow you to pick your Soft-eLicenser?” → I do not get you question, sorry. If you asking about my current situation, than that’s correct - I can’t do anything after steps I described… or I should have some extra option opened somewhere in the menu? So again I stuck here, sorry.

As I can see the trial version - Cubase has a lot of potential, but those will be useless for me if I will not have license. It would be great to have it working, but I will survive with some Open Source software… still - I am somewhat sad.

Isn’t the Start Center in the installer disk? Isn’t it where the installer is?

Hi there,

@Martin.Jirsak I followed your suggestions and I got the Activation Code - thank you. Next I downloaded the License (it looks like this is the permanent license) and… got another problem:
When I tried to run Cubase LE 5 (previously installed) I got the following error message:
"Application ‘Cubase LE 5’ has caused the following error:

Class not found:

The application installation is not complete. Please reinstall application or update eLicenser driver.


  • Click to abort."

I’d say I am getting closer step by step, yet … something is wrong. What is this message and how to get through that message to the working Cubase? Also should I reinstall the application (Cubase) or should I “updatge eLicenser driver”?

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OK… Correction…

Before I do anything else I tried to close all my programs and rerun the Cubase. Just to see one more time what the error message I will get. And I got… no error message this time. Cubase ran smoothly with no problems at all. I guess - the problem could be considered as solved now. Thanks a lot!

With Best Regards,