Cubase LE 5 + ASIO + ALESISI04 + MS GS Wave error FIX

Any help would be greatly appreciated…I’ve tried both the ASIO4ALL and the ASIO FULL DUPLEX drivers. Audio plays, meters bounce, but no sound is heard through the ALESIS I04. Somebody must have figured this out by now…

Nov. 15, 2014 am UPDATE: I’ve fiddled around with it some more, and the ASIO FULL DUPLEX would produce sound! However, the ASIO4ALL shows conflict with MS GS Wavetable synth and will not allow output. Any thoughts?

Nov. 15, 2014 pm UPDATE: I came across this:

This fix regarding the disablement of all Win 7 audio devices’ -‘exclusivity’- setting seems to work, as applied to CUBASE LE 5. The solution seems to have been the need to disable ‘exclusivity’ for each device listed.

Specifically, there is onboard audio on this laptop (Toshiba), and simply removing the device in device manager did not work in my case. Win 7 seemed to identify it as present nonetheless, and the conflict for ASIO4ALL remained. I had to reinstall the onboard device, and THEN, disable the exclusivity setting as described in the link above for the onboard device, AND the ALESIS I04.

After that action, ASIO4ALL is now fully functional, and audio plays well. :smiley: