Cubase LE 5 download

Hello, I have valid license for Cubase LE 5 on old computer and want to transfer to b]new one. Where can I download latest version?

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Use the Steinberg Download Assistant, please.

:roll_eyes: The oldest Cubase version I see in the SDA is Cubase 9.5.

Unfortunately, you can only find the manuals for Cubase (LE) 5 on the Steinberg download page and no more installation files.
Cubase | Steinberg
Cubase LE 5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg


I was reading the latest version, so I was thinking you are asking for Cubase LE 13. Sorry.

I sent you a Private Message with the link.

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Hello Martin,

I’m in the same situation as PAT. i lost the Cubase LE 5 installation CD.ROM i got with my Tascam US200 and can’t find a download link for it on the Download Assistant.

Hi @MetalMuff ,

I sent you a Private Message.