Cubase LE 5 download

Hello, I have valid license for Cubase LE 5 on old computer and want to transfer to b]new one. Where can I download latest version?

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Use the Steinberg Download Assistant, please.

:roll_eyes: The oldest Cubase version I see in the SDA is Cubase 9.5.

Unfortunately, you can only find the manuals for Cubase (LE) 5 on the Steinberg download page and no more installation files.
Cubase | Steinberg
Cubase LE 5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg


I was reading the latest version, so I was thinking you are asking for Cubase LE 13. Sorry.

I sent you a Private Message with the link.

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Hello Martin,

I’m in the same situation as PAT. i lost the Cubase LE 5 installation CD.ROM i got with my Tascam US200 and can’t find a download link for it on the Download Assistant.

Hi @MetalMuff ,

I sent you a Private Message.

Is there any possible way to get a download link to Cubase LE 5?
I lost the CD i got with my Tascam 144MKII. I googled and there was nothing to find except the Update to 5.5. I’d like to run LE on my Laptop as it has very limited resources.

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If you are using current operating system, get in touch with your local support and ask for the update code to Cubase LE 13, which is for free for you.

Then you can use Steinberg Download Assistant to download the installer.