Cubase LE 5. I can't pan when using sends?

First, I’m an amateur and still learning about recording in general and this software. I’ve only recorded a couple times before.

I have a set of drum tracks, a set of vocal tracks, and music tracks. I’m trying to be able to control the volumes of the three groups individually, so I set up a “Drums”, “Vocal”, and “Music” group so that I can have control over the group volumes. This works fine for me, and while I’m able to set levels, EQ, inserts, etc for the tracks inside each group, I cannot control the panning. They all remain center. I’ve disabled all effects. I have no bus configured on each individual track, but on each of the 3 group tracks I have the bus (Stereo Out) configured. Only if I set each individual track to use the Stereo Out bus will i have control over panning. But then, I lose control over the volumes of each group since each individual track, AND the group I’m using are both sending to the Stereo Out bus.

Is panning possible of an individual track when used as a send? Thanks.

Not with the LE version