Cubase LE 5 MIDI inputs, Kirnu

I’m trying to use the Kirnu Arpeggiator on LE 5. I have two instrument tracks, on for something like HALionOne, and the other for Kirnu. I think you are supposed to make the HALionOne’s MIDI input set as the Kirnu, but it doesn’t show up as an an option–only my keyboard and All MIDI Inputs are the only two options. Not sure if the Kirnu isn’t set up right, or if I have to change some setting somewhere.

Hmm, lots of views and no responses. I know there are similar programs like Arpache and Catanya. Just wondering how you make a VST instrument receive the MIDI inputs from them. It might be really simple–most things are when I figure them out, but this stuff isn’t really all that intuitive, and I don’t have a ton of experience… Any ideas would be welcome.

In LE versions you can’t send the midi data from one VST instrument track to another. Simpler to copy and paste the midi events from the Halion track to the Kirnu track.