Cubase LE 5 + Novation Remote Zero SL MK2


I want to use a Novation Remote Zero SL MK2 with Cubase LE 5 but it does not work.
I can’t install the remote or even see it in the “Device Manager”.

I installed the Automap 3.7 software which sees the Remote. In Cubase I can see the Remote as a Midi Device but nothing more; and cubase does not react to the remote…

Any help or solution? I thought the two where compatible with each other!?

Unless there’s a specific selection in Cubase for your remote device, you’ll be forced to use the “Generic Remote” option.

This can be a little painful because Cubase needs to learn what each remote command from your device is and map it to what you want that command to achieve. However, you can save the mapping as an xml file to be recalled later. I have sucessfully done this for my ancient Yamaha Promix01.

Or, alternatively, you may be able to find an xml file by searching the internet…they do exist for other devices.

This is a pretty complicated process, so researching “Generic Remote” in the manual is probably the next place to go.


thank you for your help. I tried the generic remote option without success.

Cubase does not learn the functions of the Zero SL MK2. I want to assign transport use but there’s no sign of life.

Is there anybody who can help me with setting it up? If it doesn’t work I think I’m gonna send back the Novation remote. It’s too expensive as a decoration unit :wink: