Cubase LE 5 - Output fine but NO AUDIO INPUT DETECTED


I’m fairly new to this program but up until now it has been working fine until no audio on the input is being detected, no matter what driver is inputted. I’ve tested the two inputs which are working fine, but Cubase LE 5 will not detect the audio input - the output works fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Cubase LE 5 problem.JPG

Because you don’t have them selected as the input of an audio track.

Thanks for the prompt reply,

I’ve definitely selected my input as the device that appears to be inactive on an audio track. As I’ve said, usually this is all fine, but today it has just suddenly stopped working.

Did you go through the link I posted? :confused:

Yes I have, and this is what i do normally, but it seems that there is a problem with any audio from the input being detected.

Screenshots of the project window including inspector, and VST Connections- Inputs?

Did you try re-starting the system?

If the Device setup shows the inputs as inactive, they are not connected to Cubase input busses in VST connections. End of story.

Thanks for all the help - yes I’ve tried restarting the system etc. - I think thinkingcap was right, the vst connections weren’t connected - it now works!

Thank you very much,

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Ah, so you lied. :wink:

I lol’d :slight_smile: