Cubase LE 5 & Pod Farm

Hey everyone. I recently just went from using Garageband on my Mac to using Cubase 5 on my PC. Now, I’m trying to run Pod Farm 2.5 as a plug-in or insert on Cubase but it just won’t show up. I’ve watched countless amounts of tutorials on how to call it up.

I’ve gone to Devices > Plug In Information > VST 2.x Plug In Paths. Then I added a path to the Pod Farm folder. & then I made an audio track and went to inserts, and it showed everything but Pod Farm.

I went back to the Plug In Info, and pressed Update. And it still didn’t show up in that list either. I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve restarted it. I’ve restarted my computer. Seeing that the Plug In VST list shows mostly .dll files, I figured I’d try to locate a Pod Farm .dll file. but I can’t find one.

Please help!


What exactly is in the Pod Farm folder: what file types do you see, etc.?

I have found that many 3rd party plug-ins tend to go to a “VSTPlugIns” file folder right under the Prog files.

I would also suggest you continue to search your harddrive in search of the dll.

Haha I found it! Sweeet.

I was just led the path to the wrong file. I was in the process of reinstalling Pod Farm, and it showed where the VST Plugins would be located. So I just went with that path on Cubase!

Thanks anyways man!