Cubase Le 6 Copy and paste.

I wonder how I can copy a single audio track from on project to another !!
I have recorded on track in one project, made a split and want to copy the track I have left into another project !!

Hello Tricky,

There are a few ways to do this, but one I like to use in LE or AI is to go to Media>Open Pool Window>Audio Folder. From there you will select the Audio File you want to copy, I then right click and select (New Version) and save the name to something easily searchable.

Next when you create a new Cubase LE6 project go to Media>Open Pool Window>and click the (Search) tab. Type in the name of the file and select the drive it’s located on. Then from the list you will see the file and can then double click the file to import into your new project.