Cubase LE 6 does not install in Win 7

I have Cubase LE 6 on DVD.
It does not install under Windows 7 64 Bit.
I have installed Cubase LE 4 and LE 5, and these versions do run.
However. Cubase LE 6 does not install, neither 32 Bit or 64 Bit version.

Installation starts, but does not finish. Instead, the installation programm does not show any progress after a few minutes.

Actually, it hangs when it wants to activate a MP3 triall license.

What to do?


Can you just skip the MP3 activation? As far as I know an activation is not part of the installation at all.

It s part of it, and I cannot skip it.

Even worse.
Accurding to the FAQ
I have uninstalled all Cubase LE versions I have (LE6, LE 5, LE 4), and also the eLicenser.
I tried to reeinstall by intalling eLicenser-Helper, then Cubase LE 4. This installation seemed to succeed.
Then, isntallation of Cubase 5 did not run smoothly. I had to run the isntallation program several times, directly from the Cubase LE 5 windows installer, not from the DVD autorun start center…

Then, I could not install Cubase LE 6, neither 64 nor 32 Bit versions. The installation program did not finish.

So, i tired to run the Cubase LE 6 inatallation program directly as administrator. This seemed to work, but after installation was finished, my desktop was almost empty, only some basic icons and the Cubase LE 6 icon were there.

When I tried to restart windows, I was not able to log into windows. because my windows account was turned into a temporary account.

At this stage, I recovered windows from a backup…

On a different computer (Windows 7) I was able to install all the various Cubase LE version without problems.
I own several copies of various Cubase LE versions, that came with either hardware (audio Interfaces and the like), or bundled with the German “Keys” magazn. So I purchased several copies of the “keys” magazine to have more than one copy of Cubase LE (4, 5,6, …) to install on my computers.

I suspect, that there are remainders of Steinberg references in the Windows registry and probably elsewhere left on the computer even after uninstall of all Steinberg programs. Which cause trouble when trieing to reinstall Cubase LE.

So, I plan to revert to a freshly installed Windows 7, and then install my Cubase LE versions.

What would be the proper way to do it?
Should I create a brand new Steinberg ID for each computer?
Could it be a problem, that my many licenses of Cubase LE 5, Cubase LE 6 are all in one Steinberg ID account?


No, you don’t have to make a new “Steinberg ID” (if you mean MySteinberg account) for every single computer. MySteinberg account is for the user and you can use multiple computers in it.


yes, that is what I also thought.

So, how should I install my older Cubase LE versions?

When I installed them 2-3 years ago on my older computer, it worked fine.

Now, on my new computer with Windows /, it just does not work.

Do you have an idea what ist wrong?


First of all, you don’t have to install all previous versions. You can install Cubase LE 6 directly.

You should be able to install it a common way, if the system is not corrupted. I recommend to install as administrator.


thank you.

I try to restore the computer to a freshly installed version of Windows 7. And try over again.
It worked without any problems on my older computer, also with Windows 7, same version (64 Bit, professional).

Also, I want all these previous version of Cubase LE, because for later version 6 and above), the number of audio tracks you can record at the same time was reduced, and also the number of effect slots.

Therefore, I want to stick with these older versions. (I have started a few projects as Cubase LE 6, so I need that version, too. I have all the DVDs for Cubase LE 4 to 7 or even higher, and at least for LE 4 to 6, I have 3 or 4 DVDs for each version, because I wanted to install on multiple computers: One in the rehearsal studio, one at home for mixing, and one mobile computer for “field recordings”.)

Are the installers of the ISO files different than the DVD versions sold as “Keys” Magazin DVDs or bundled with hardware?


As far as I know, Cubase LE was always limited in the number of simultaneously recorded tracks.

The ISOs (installers) are always the same. You can use one installer at multiple computers.


thank you.

Yes, Cubase LE was always limited, but the limitations varied with the version numbers.

Yes, I think I can use one DVD for multiple installation. But I thought it was only fair, if I bought one copy for each computer I wanted to install on it.

But then, if one copy of a DVD could be used for multiple installations, I don’t get the point about the eLicenser then…

Anyway, my main concern still is, how to install now Cubase LE 4, LE 5, LE 6 on Windows 7 64 bit professional.


Yo can use one DVD to install to multiple computers. But you have to use unique Activation Code to activate the license at every single computer.

You should be able to install all these Cubase versions to your system, if the system is healthy.