Cubase LE 6 ISO


Last year (feb/16) I asked for a download link for Cubase LE 6 here, which should’ve been included as a disk when I bought my Zoom G3X (nov/14) - but, as I’m noticing, 90% of G3X didn’t.

Someone sent me a link and I downloaded it. YAY! Unfortunately, I had some troubles with my old laptop and got a new one… since I couldn’t backup anything, I lost the ISO file - and when I tried to download it from the link you guys sent me, I noticed it’s not working anymore.

Can you guys please send me a new link to download it?

Thanks in advance!


Again me, with the new link here. Just one Cubase folder has been added to the path. :wink:

Much obliged again, Martin!!!

Sorry to ask the same question for the millionth time in various threads … but could you please share the download link with me too? Cannot find the original disc. thanks!

The link is right there above your post.

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