Cubase LE 6 Issue - no sound

Cubase LE6 - no audio no sound
Description: Hi I have Cubase LE6 and have problems with it. There is no sound at all for the song i was working on nor any new created project. The Device Setup says “Inactive” under status no matter what I do. I worked on editting this song Im working on for hours and now I cant hear anything. Ive clicked reset and restore defaults but nothing works.

I have Windows 7 on a desktop. Im using Focusrite Scarlet 2i2. Ive been up all night trying to figure whats going on and its frustrating me. It’s 6am now so the whole next day is going be messed up cuz Im not getting any sleep…

Any suggestions on how to solve the Cubase LE 6 issue???


The common answer for this is here:
If you don’t see the appropriate driver under VST Audio System you might need to try to reinstall the drivers for your interface and then fire up Cubase again. You won’t lose anything from your project by doing this.