Cubase LE 6 MIDI

Can anyone inform me on how to setup a MIDI keyboard, so that I can make music with the VST instruments in Cubase LE 6?

You take your MIDI keyboard, and if it has a USB interface, you plug it into a USB port. You can then select it in the track inspector for input.

If it has MIDI ports, you connect the OUTPUT port of your controller/synth to the INPUT of your recording interface. The same rules apply.

Thanx I really appreciated for your response.

I also have found some free drum kicks and snares their in .wav format; will I be able to load them into Cubase LE 6 and compose loops on tracks via MIDI etc.? If so, how would I go about doing that, does it call for me to import the .wav’s?

Yes, you could import them and place them into audio parts manually. You don’t need MIDI for that. I’m not sure if LE6 has and kind of sample playback VSTi built in, but if it does, you could load the samples into your own program, then produce a MIDI track(s) to play back those samples.

You really should read the manual. It has quite a bit of useful information in it. Hopefully, I’ve pointed you in the right direction.

You did thanks again.