cubase le 6 no sound after saving project problem

Hello I recently got the Tascam us-366 audio interface Cubase le 6 bundle. Can’t say the most table thing/combo, but mostly it seems to work.

I now came across the following problem, regardless of whether I use my onboard sound card or the tascam so I don’t think they are at fault, When I do the following

Create new empty project, create and instrument track, whatever instrument I pick it does not matter, it happens the with the halon se piano sound supplied with LE or ivory that I have installed.

I drag a midi file onto the instrument track. All works I can pay the midi file playback with the selected VST, but once I save the project, or even minimise Cubase le any sound output disappears. If I delete the midi tracks and drag them onto the instrument track once again it all works again.

When everything works as per screenshots some extra info on the left displays the instrument info when I highlight a midi track, but when I reopen the project after saving that info is missing as you can see on the left handside in the project where it should say what instrument is used, it is no longer there ( compare the two screenshots ).

As said, it even happens when I minimise Cubase le, although the info is still displayed on the track on the left, it seems the damage is already done at that point.

Is this a bug or something I am not doing right. In any case sound output should not just not stop working after minimising and switching back to the application ? I’ve tried deactivating the multicore option a well, even uninstalled the whole thing and reinstalled, but the same result, always reproducible. :frowning:

I would appreciate a soonish answer because at is I am not too impressed and strongly considering returning the audio interface and Cubase le 6 bundle. However I am prepared to play around a bit to see if things can get resolved with any help.

Many thanks in advance.

I should add if I create an audio track and record that’s fine I do not get the problem. Also if I create an instrument track and assign a VST instrument like ivory or something else and record that works fine too. It happens in the specific case above when dragging a midi file onto an instrument track. Tried different midi files too, but the same result.

anyone ?? I asked something before and got no answer either, I am asking nicely :slight_smile:.

I have till tomorrow or the bundle needs to go back. I also tried the LE 7 trial and the same issue occurs. I did manage to solve the issue for minimising. Seems it is okay when the desktop default bitrate is set the same as that in Cubase project setting , however reopening and closing the project the issue still exists.