Cubase le 7 download

Can anyone help. I have changed computers and am trying to download my cubase le7 to my new computer. There seems to be no download facility on the steinberg website , At a total loss. Its an old system but I know how it works and want to keep using it. Elicense and all that is fine its just the operating system that I cant download. Thanks

This the page you need to go to but it doesn’t seem to have the full version. Only the update.

Have you checked in your Steinberg Account? If you have registered your LE version, maybe there is a full download available (go to “Products->Show E-licenser based products->Downloads”).
Also as an LE7 owner, you are entitled to a free upgrade to LE12.

thanks for that. I have tried all avenues but didnt know tha
t I was entitled to an upgrade . Thanks