Cubase LE 7 is missing from my MySteinberg


This is what I see in my MySteinberg
I do not know why there are 7 “Not yet activated” code in my MySteinberg.

All of them are not able to use. I will got this message in eLCC.
The most important, my Cubase LE 7 is missing from my MySteinberg.

It could work fine on my old computer, but I wish to reactivate it to my new computer.

and I try to register my old computer’s eLCC again. and I got this message.
and I try to register the Cubase LE 7 download code again, and I got the new activate code.

but when I use the new code on my new computer’s eLCC, I got this message.

Does Steinberg’s database has any problem before?

and how could I fix this problem?

I wish to reactivate the cubase ai 4 and cubase le 7 to two new computer.


Hello sdarktemplar,

I would recommend submitting a support request in your MySteinberg account under My Support. That way a support agent can see your account history (SeL’s, full Activation Codes, Product Registrations, OS, etc) and make a better judgment on how to proceed in getting those licenses activated for you.