Cubase LE 7 No Audio

Can’t get any audio when connected to Complete Audio 6. All the basic VST setup is done (ASIO driver, VST inputs and outputs). Its been working perfectly for more than 3 years. Also there is no sign of any signal, on any channel of the mixer console. It plays when I switch the ASIO driver to built in audio of my iMac. When I set it back to complete, there is no sound.
Any Ideas??? Have two tracks to finish ASAP!!!

Hi and welcome,

What changed on your system, when it stopped to work?

Does NI Komplete Audio 6 using Class Complient driver? What OS do you run?

Could you try to increase your Buffer Size?

I downloaded the latest driver for Komplete Audio 6 at the NI page and did an update. I have the OS X El Capitan 10.11.3. I’m not sure if it stopped working since I did the update for the OS. No sound yet (playback nor signal).
Where and how should I increase the buffer size???
Thanks for your help!!!


Increase the Buffer Size here: Devices > Device Setup; select the ASIO driver name (probably something like NI USB Driver). Then on the right side click the Control Panel button.

Same problem with Komplete audio 6 not making any sound in cubase! any solution yet?


What OS do you use? What about your Devices > Device Setup? What about VST Connections setup?

Hi, thank god someone else has had the exact same problem as the one I’m having! PLEASE HELP!

Cubase was working fine this morning before I decided to clean my equipment and on reconnection, there is no audio coming from any of my projects.

Audio is playing back when I use iTunes or when I switch ASIO driver to ‘built in’ in Cubase’s project setup.

I have done the following things to fix this (but no success yet):

  • made sure that Steinberg UR44 (my audio interface) is selected as my ASIO driver under Device Setup – VST Audio System
  • made sure that in VST Connections, both output 1 and 2 are going to Steinberg UR44
  • installed latest drivers for Cubase 7 AI LE and Steinberg UR44
  • reinstalled Cubase after moving everything in Applications to trash

I was having an issue of having crackling/popping sounds while recording last night, which I figured were related to the buffer size. So, tweaking that reduced the noise a little but couldn’t get rid of it. I was also running Cubase in 32-bit mode, so I ran it in 64-bit but that didn’t stop the crackling sound either. I checked VST performance and it showed that average load time and real time peak were both hitting red (clipping) that’s where the crackling sound was coming from but don’t know why, as my project only had about 7 audio tracks and 4 instrument tracks.

I am using a Macbook Pro (2015) | 16GB RAM Intel Core i7 | Version 10.12.5 macOS Sierra

What should I do to have the sound playing back on projects and how to avoid the crackling sounds while recording without noticeable latency?


First of all, Cubase 7 doesn’t support macOS 10.12 officially.

Try to increase the Buffer Size to the maximum. Can you hear the sound now?