Cubase LE 8 and Behringer X32 Producer

Hi All

I’m new to Cubase but keen to get it going.
I’m having difficulty setting up my Behringer X32 Producer in Cubase.
By default my Mixing console supports 16 Channels in recording.
When I use the Behringer in Propellerhead Reason 8 I have the ability to record 16 tract simultaneously coming in via a USB interface, however when setting up the Behringer in Cubase Le 8 by Adding Busses under VST connections, I can only add a maximum of 8 busses and not 16.
My understanding is that Cubase Le 8 supports up to 16 Audio tracks.
Am i understanding it right or is the 8 bus maximum a limitation to Le 8
I would like to upgrade to Elements but I’m worried that ill still have the bus problem.

Any help / direction would be greatly appreciated

Hi All

After more reading I saw this for Cubase LE 8 :
Supports 24 MIDI, 8 instrument, 16 audio tracks and 8 physical inputs with up to 24-bit/192 kHz

The 8 physical inputs is a limit