Cubase LE 8 update to 8.0.40 Problem

I updated to 8.0.40 and Groove Agent SE 4 disappeared from Cubase when I start the new version. Anyone else having this problem or know how to get it back?

This is running on windows 8.1 platform Intel R Core TM I7 processor 8 GB ram

I think Groove Agent SE is only included in Elements and higher, not in AI and LE.

Are you sure this is the Cubase version you have a license for?

Okay thanks. That was my mistake. I was looking at several youtube tutorials that I thought was using Cubase LE but was actually using the higher versions. That is where I saw the Groove Sonic SE 4 being used. LE comes with Halion Sonic SE2 which is on my version 8.

Note that you can also update to SE3 for free.