Cubase LE - ADAT

I’m going to connect ADA8000 via ADAT to my UMC1820 (extend from 8 to 16 inputs).
Does Cubase LE 5 support ADAT communication? …will it shows another 8 digital inputs in device setup?
On other forums I read that only 8 physical input is supported…

Thank you,

If you look at the comparison chart LE only supports 8 so no you can’t do it. The DAW is not the decider with adat by the way. That is the audio interface driver.

See link for Cubase version comparisons which shows limitations

Ok, thank you for your respond. I understand Cubase LE supports max 8 channels for recording, but can it be f.e. 4 analog and 4 ADAT? Or only 8 ADAT channels? I only wonder if LE version is not limited with ADAT comunication… UMC is connected via USB with PC.

Cubase LE will not even know what adat is. Now I would have thought the adat inputs would show up anyway in audio connections. Mine do for my rme Babyface pro fs if I have an adat interface connected or not.

You can use all your channels available, but not more than 8 at the same time.
Since the ADAT channels are connected to the UMC1820, you need to configure your interface for this first. Sometimes Toslink is configured as S/PDIF. You need to change that to ADAT.