Cubase LE AI Element 9 constantly crashes

I installed Cubase LE AI Element 9 yesterday. It constantly crashes and is completely unusable. As soon as I name a new project and hit OK it crashes. When I have the main screen open and I hit any tab for anything it crashes. I am utterly frustrated. I have never used a DAW before and am completely new. I have watched the tutorials and followed them to the T. It crashes. Please help.

Be sure you have version 9.0.30 of Elements built on July 20 which was only released recently. I used an earlier evaluation version and experienced many crashes while doing basic things. The new 9.0.30 version seems very stable and is a joy to use. Takes a while to get your head around DAWs, just hang in there. I’ve written and used other DAWs, and Cubase is probably the best you can get if actual music is you goal.

Thanks Bill,

I had it upgraded to 9.0.30 but nothing resolved the issue. I called customer service and they went into the computer and they couldn’t figure out the problem. I took it into my computer tech and he has had it for almost 1 1/2 months. He says the computer is perfectly fine but it is Steinbergs software that is having problems with Windows 10. Steinberg says it is the computer. So he gave them the info to prove his point. Steinbergs customer service appears to be lacking as they have not responded. This is now going on a month. Has anyone experienced issues like this? I think this is nonsense.

Would you kindly please share this info with us? Many of us might be interested in it. A least I would.

I had the exact same problems with Elements. I was able to start working on projects but it would start crashing if I moved a plugin, deleted a plugin, added a bus, deleted a bus, etc,etc,etc. I have had 4 daws on my pc for the last 4 or so years that have worked flawlessly and has no issues. I did buy Artist 9 and its a little better but still crashes. In the last week I’ve probably had 50 crashes with cubase. Waiting over a week to hear back from steinberg and still havent heard anything.
Windows 7 ,M audio Fast Track Ultra using older driver cause newer drivers crackle