Cubase LE Ai Elements 13 mixup !?

I’ve just upgraded from Cubase Elements 12 to 13 but noticed this on start up (see attached screen shots). Also on first load up of my project it said there were some Steinberg EQ and Reverb not found. Is there something missing here?
Originally i had Cubase Ai then gradually upgraded to LE then Elements 10,10.5,11 and 12.

Any help or advice on what to do please

As you can see from the label of the shortcut…all of these programs use the same install…only the license distinguishes what features are available.

I would assume that if it shows as AI then the elements license is not activated or can’t be validated as activated on this PC…I see it says no internet…have you tried logging on to let it update any licensing.

The other possibility is that you have the correct version but the splash screen info is incorrect. You could probably work that out by looking at what feature is in Elements but not in AI and see if you have it!

Thanks for the reply. I have fully activated this and had never had problems when upgrading from 10.5 to 11 then 11 to 12. I normally turn the internet off after installation because I’ve had windows and graphic driver issues when using cubase in the past. I normally set aside time when not using cubase to go on internet for any updates. The programme just didn’t feel like it was elements, hence why alarm bells started when i only say Ai instead of Elements

We had a somewhat similiar case in the German forum recently.

Please try the following (internet connection required):

  1. Close Cubase. Make sure Steinberg Activation Manager is also closed.
  2. Open an Explorer window, type %appdata%/steinberg in the path bar.
  3. There delete the folder Activation Manager
  4. Start the Steinberg Activation Manager and log-in again with your account credentials