Cubase LE AI Elements 9 Second Activation

Hello! I purchased ZOOM H6 last year and installed Cubase LE 9. After activating, I worked in this program and then reinstalled the system on my computer. Now I can not activate Cubase because I do not remember the email address I registered and can not be activated now because when I enter a password, I get an inscription that it is used by other users. Can you help me with this problem?


Go thru the Reactivation process in your MySteinberg, please.

Well, did the same thing, ask for support 7days ago, until… nothing
Customer’s support seems to be at least useless.

Go here to receive a new password for your account:

Well didn’t read everything, I was thinking it was for ask a new eLicenser after system re-install…
Didn’t help me …

Well now I’ve got the same problem but got a new password :wink:

Then you’re not having the same issue as the thread starter.

Follow these steps to reactivate your license, you don’t have to contact support:

Yes but reinstall after reading that I must create a new elicenser with my previous Licenser.
I just got a clean mac, serials numbers but no eLicenser.

Ok, I’ve read everything and I just understand that I need to enter the new elicenser for reactivate my softwares, what is really confusing is that when you launch normally eLicenser Control Center, you don’t get automatically a new soft-licenser… :confused:
So yes, everything ok, I’ve got my products back.

The Soft-eLicenser number is your computer identifier. It cannot changes every time you start it.

Yes, and I didn’t get automatically a new one at first launch.