Cubase LE AI Elements Video export

I am working in Cubase LE in conjunction with my Audient iD44. I am running Mac Catalina. I can import video no problem, but I can’t find a way to export the finished file. I go to File, Export and there is no option, even grayscale, for exporting video. Is this function supported? Seems like it ought to be if you can import video data.


There is no Export Video in Cubase LE, I’m sorry. This feature is Cubase Pro/Artist/Elements only.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the explanation.
Do you know if there is a specific manual for Cubase LE? Because the only one I can find to work from is for Cubase Element 10.5. If not, then it sure would be helpful to have some indication within the 10.5 manual as to what is not possible with Cubase LE. It would save a lot of time searching for direction. Video export was not the only function that didn’t correspond to the manual instructions. Pretty confusing.


Cubase LE 10.5 manual is available here.