Cubase LE / Alesis iO2

Hi, I had bought an Alesis iO2 interface a few years ago and IIRC, I registered the version of Cubase LE (4 or 5??) under an email address that I don’t even have anymore. It was installed in a Windows XP device that no longer exists. I have the CD still, but not the code and my new Windows 10 device does not have a CD-ROM Drive. Is it possible to get even an older version of Cubase LE as a download with the code? Not a professional musician, just someone who wants to put down some track ideas for myself. Thanks in advance!

I have seen some people around here sharing the installers for earlier AI versions but you need the email address to recover it as it is linked to your Steinberg ID. If you can login to My Steinberg you can reactivate:

If you remembered the old email address you could possibly contact support and see if they could help:

The CD problem could be worked around with an external optical drive – they don’t cost much and can be handy to have for legacy software installs like this. The other option is access a machine with a disk drive and make an image:

You can then move the .ISO file and install from that image. I use a program called Virtual-CloneDrive for this but the functionality seems to already exsist in Win 10: