Cubase LE Basic Score Editor Work Flow

Lots of reading on the Score Tab .
I appreciate you spending time reading this message. Your guidance will be helpful choosing new hardware and DAW.
I would like to create a Lead Sheet with a melody line and chord accompaniment. Then playback the arrangement with the ability to change chord voicing’s and also print (printer , file, Pdf) the Lead Sheet. I presume I can output this audio file as done in WaveLab. I have a notation program that does this basic function but it’s separate. It would be good if I can do all this work in one place. Can I work this way with the Basic Score Editor in Cubase LE ?
Thank you kindly for reading.


If you are find to edit the MIDI data in the Key Editor, then you can do it.

The Score Editor is quite limited in LE. It’s more like a preview, not much option to edit.

Thank you…