Cubase LE Elements 8 demo keeps asking for activation code ?

I’ve installed the demo version ofCubase LE Al Elements (v8.0.20.468)
During the install I was asked if I wanted to check for updates and I did and it found one which is installed.
I’ve got a Soft eLicencer latest version installed.
I’ve registered with MySteinberg.

Every time I try to open the demo I get asked for an activation code which I don’t have,

I understand from the web site that no activation code is needed to run the 30 day demo.
Mac OSX 10.10.3

Help/suggestions please.


I think doing the update was the mistake.
I deleted the whole program and reinstalled it, choosing not to update,
Now v8.0.10 running ok it seems, it didn’t ask for activation code and is in 30 day demo mode.

The reason I installed this was to see if it would open Cubase VST 5.2 projects !!

It doesn’t. :frowning:

Is there any way to open old Cubase VST projects please ??
Will any version of Cubase available now do it ??



For some strange reason it seems that the update might have deleted the Demo license. It is strange as the installation should install a license as well.
I will send you a PM with a replacement activation code.

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The following thread will answer your question: Re: Cubase VST Song import in Cubase 4 and later: a solution - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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Great thanks.

It doesn’t seem that SX3 will run on OSX 10.10.3?
Do you know for sure?
Thanks very much.


It will not run at all, you will need an old computer.
Back in the day I could not even get it installed in Windows 7 either 32 and 64 bit.
Some users managed thought.
It does work on Windows XP.
It does not work in Leopard or Snow Leopard either… I mean, it is pretty old!

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Ok thanks again.
Looks like I will have to get the old G4 Power Mac out and set it up :slight_smile: