Cubase LE: HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral doesn't appear in MIDI import destination

Hello. I have Cubase 11 LE AI Elements and I install Halion Sonic Se 3. I have a problem, baceuse when I import midi file I don`t load halion sounds. In preferences

Please help me :slight_smile:

Hi everybody.

I have a problem when I import midi files in my Cubase projects.

When I go in Preferences>Midi>Midi File and I go on the lower part to set the sound destination of the MIDI file imported, I only find “MIDI Tracks” and not also the options “Instrument Tracks” or “HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral”.

Can someone help me finding a way to add it?

Thank you.

Cubase LE has limitations to its VST instrument handling that prevent the other options from being useful.

In Cubase LE, you can only set the MIDI import destination to “MIDI tracks”. You have to manually add Halion Sonic SE to your project by pressing the plus (+) button to the top left of the track list.

Then you can select all MIDI tracks, and while holding Alt + Shift, set the MIDI output to Halion Sonic SE:

Then, in Halion Sonic SE’s Options tab, set the Program Changes mode to GM Mode:

If you upgrade from Cubase LE to Cubase Elements (or higher), the following MIDI import destinations become available:

Instrument Tracks: Automatically converts all MIDI tracks to separate VST instrument tracks, allowing you to easily replace the sounds with higher quality VST instruments. For example, you can change the drums to Groove Agent and the synth sounds to Retrologue with just 2 clicks.

Halion Sonic SE multi-timbral: This is like the “MIDI tracks” option, but Halion Sonic SE is pre-loaded into the projects as a “Rack” instrument, and all of the steps I’ve posted above are done automatically for you. This is ideal if you just want to use Halion Sonic SE as a General MIDI sound module, for listening to MIDI files.

All versions of Cubase come with General MIDI presets based on Yamaha’s classic workstations. Cubase Elements adds hundreds of additional presets.

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